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Entries from Linus's diary :

"I'm no longer an only dog!

On 19th July 2003, Sally arrived.  She's apparently my second cousin, or something.  She was very small, very energetic and very demanding.  I was a bit shell-shocked at first, but I things soon settled down (more or less).  She's female, so it goes without saying that she's bossy!  Here are some pictures of the first couple of days . . .


meeting Linus 1.jpg (331763 bytes)      meeting Linus 3.jpg (330407 bytes)      asleep on a sandal.jpg (313036 bytes)

 the long and short of it.jpg (877327 bytes)


Later, as she settles in, she begins to learn the ropes - as a watchdog, for instance . . .

. . . and to get down to some serious sleeping!


. . . while I remained totally alert - of course!

But now, like Topsy, "She's growed!"



More Later,     Big Linus"